Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Visit to India - Careful with what you eat or drink. Your stomach may not able to handle it.

Visit to India - Careful with what you eat or drink. Your stomach may not able to handle it.
Yes, I was warned to be careful with what I eat or drink there.
We were looking for halal food and we could not find any halal sign in any restaurant there. However we still survive because the Vegetarian restaurants are every where. After a while we were craving for meat. Cannot tahan makan Vegetable everyday.
At last we found one muslim sounded restaurant. Ask the person in front and he said Yes halal. In ordered my beriani and Zul ordered Masala. It was so hot ( curry hot).
That night Zul was vomiting and having dierrhea. I was also have to go to toilet everyhour. Zul was having headache and continue the next day. The dierrhea continues the next day. We have meeting that day thinking the problem will go away.  It continues and gets worse.
The next midnight night we could not stand it anymore. At midnight we ask the hotel for doctor and were told the clinics were not open, until 10:00am next day. No private hospital. The government hospital is 30 minutes by car. We decided to stay in the hotel. Another night of going to toilet. I was having dehydration.
The next day we search for doctor. Was told somewhere not too far in Rajiv Chowk. Got the tuk tuk and search for clinic that we imagine like in Malaysia. No such thing. One guy told us to go to a shoes shop, at the back, on top of small stairs. One small room. One man, one table. No nurse. no medicine rack. No clinic signboard like in Malaysia.  I looked at Zul, and he looked at me. We got our from that room fast.
No doctor or clinic. Now we search for pharmacy. At last found one in another block. Told him about our dierrhea and vomiting. No problem. he gave us the medicine. Eat the medicine and that night I can sleep well. Diarrhea solved.

My message to you all is be careful with what you eat there. Your stomach may not be able to handle it.

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