Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Small companies do not need auditors. Companies Act 2016. Still, companies need to submit accounting reports, P&L, Balance Sheet, Revenue report, Cash Flow.

Many companies will benefit from the new Companies Act 2016.
One of them is the need for Auditors is removed for small companies.
So if your are small companies ( annual sales <=RM300,000. Staff <=5, Asset <=RM500,000)).
then you do not need to appoint auditors. No need to submit audited report. ( Note: If your company is dormant, also no need to appoint auditor.)
This will save you a few thousands of dollars of auditor fees every year.
However you still must submit your financial report.
The usual like Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Changes.
OfficeCentral is in a good position to help you in this requirements.
Do your transactions in OfficeCentral and submit your report as required.
I suggest you choose MPERS ( Malaysia Private Entity Reporting Standard) chart of account so that you will comply to the MPERS requirements.
Make sure your Chart of Account also have the codes for tax items like for double tax deduction etc
Then jiust do your normal transactions, and you are ready for the submission using OfficeCentral reports.


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Learn Indonesian language. Today we will learn the word "SIAP". You will reduce stress after understand this word.

Ha ha now Ir Aziz is a language teacher.
Let me repeat some conversation in he office:
Budi  ( indonesian staff)
Aziz ( Malaysian)
Last week:
Aziz: Budi, buat report untuk sales activity bulan lepas ya.
Budi: Siap Pak.

This week:
Aziz: Budi, mana report nya? Dulu kata sudah siap?
Budi: Belum Pak.
Aziz: Dulu kata sudah Siap
Budi: Belum Selesai Pak.
Aziz: Kenapa kata dah siap minggu lepas? ( ANGRY, ANGRY, ANGRY)

This is the meaning of SIAP in Indonesia:
SIAP means YES we are working on it.
SELESAI means Yes we already copleted it.

Selesai belajar one Indonesian language today.
So that you have less stress.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What are your KPI targets? Where are you now compared to target?

I tried to run my sales team in my company based on target.
Everybody have target:
1. How many leads they must have every month
2. How many accounts every month
3. How many sales meeting every month
4. How many quotation every month. How much quotation
5. How many invoices every month2. How much invoice every month

However this targets are located at CRM pages. Chances are they will only look at it at the end of the month. In most cases they may have missed some target when they look at the numbers.
I am going to put this numbers at the start  page of the OfficeCentral.
You log in and on the first page you will see your performance.
You can immediately take action in order not to fail in getting your target.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Do your selling using your mobile. Point of sales on your mobile phone.

Many of you may have your own shops and business outlets. It could be in the shopping centers, shop rows, kiosks, or traveling salesmen.
If you are have your own shops, you will have the following report to do every day:
1. How much is your sales today?
2. What products you sold today?
Most of you will not purchase the typical POS system:
1. it is too expensive, about RM15,000 one set
2. It is too bulky. Too much space is required. Spece is a premium for you.
This is our solution:
1. Use your mobile as POS. ( Practically free since you already on the phone)
2. Do you transactions on the mobile,
3. Send recept via email. Your customer will see the receipt imediately in her email inbox.
4. Of course, you can buy receipt printer and print using bluethooth connectivity ( this printer will cost you about RM700).
5. You will have membership management in this POS. MEMBERSHIP MANAGEENT is crucial strategy in retail business nowadays.

Some of the features that you may find fantastic:
1. You can continue using thr POS even when your internet line is not available.
2. data will be uploaded once the internet line is available again.

The POS will use pricebook. You can control prices from central control. This is good if you hav many kiosks or travelling salesmen.
You can control price from central location.

The POS will use Inventory. All your inventory data is updated immediately. You know what you sell and what is the balance of your inventory.

You will get the following reports:
 1.Sales report - today, or whatever date
2. Inventory report - today, or whatever date
3. Cash flow  - today
4. Sell Vs time ( can select product)

We will see the actual product once release it very soon.

How to make acounting easier to use for smaller companies?

When we first design the accounting system, we were designing for big company operation. Which means:
1. There is account clerk - she will put transactions into the accounting system She is the lower ranking staff. Only do transaction. The boss ( accountant) will check, modify ( if required)  and approve the transactions.
2. There is Accountant. She is the boss.  She will approve the transactions. Once approved the rest of the things like P&L, balance Sheet, Cash flow etc will come into place.
Well, this is good for large companies. They like it.
Now, we have thousands of users from Micro and small companies, the problem is the other way around.
1. He is the clerk.
2. he is also the boss
3. he do almost everything.
Now, why should he need to approve his own transactions. It should be automatic.
Knowing this, this is what we will do:
1. User will go to the setting,
2. Select setting [ manual approval, or Automatic Approval) - select automatic approval.
Once you do this, the transactions willbe autmatically approved.

the next question:
The system also have CRM module,
where you can issue invoice from the CRM system.
if you are a big company, this is what normally happened:
Sales - Have differemt boss as compared to Account department boss.
Sales will issue invoice from the CRM
Accountant will import invoice from CRM.
Accountant will approve the transactions,
then it will go to the P&L, balance Sheet and cash Flows.
This is good for big companies,
segregation of authority.

The story is different at micro or small companies,
At small companies,
he is the sales guy,
he is the accountant,
Do he need to approve his own transactions?
The solution;
1. Go to setting in accounting system,
2. Select [ Manual approval or Automatic approval] - select Automatic approval.
Once you do this,
 your transactions will be automatically go to accounting system and automatically approved. 

The same story for the others:
1. Point of Sales System
2. Advance
3. Claims
4. Payroll

We will see the impact once we release this new version.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Labour cost in Jakarta is cheaper than in KL

I am doing some renovation work in my office in Jakarta ( actually in Bintaro, about 30km from Jakarta). The wood price is cheaper than KL and the labour cost is about Rp150,000 per day. I was doing renovation in my Bangi house last year and it costs us RM100 ( Rp300,000) per day for labour. So the labour cost is 50% lower than KL labour cost, even though they are Indonesian.
Anybody wants to build a house in Indonesia?
( The picture below is me with wife in Bangi house)
The picture below is my house in jakarta

The minimum salary in Jakarta is about Rp3.3 million. Most employer will give a lower basic salary but will add allowances like food allowance, travel allowance and other allowance so that the final salary is above the minimum salary level. This is for labour group. Life is tough for them. For example the security guard must pay R01,000,000 when they start becoming guard. This is to pay for the uniform and the required accessories. Even the training to become guard ( to get the certificate) must be paid by the guard. Life is tough for them here. The executive will get higher depending on experience.
We plan to add resources in Indonesia this year. We have been getting bigger customers this year. Company with more tan 1,000 staff are start using our product now. I believe the numbers will keep going up in Indonesia. The company is bigger. The numbers are much higher than Malaysia. I will let you know how it goes.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Payroll for Security Company - Standard payroll software cannot do this

OfficeCentral have the advantage of modifying fetures or adding new features that are required by our customers. I will share with you what one of our customers in Indonesia need:
1. They have 800 staff . They are located in 30 locations. They are working in shifts. System must have shift management.
2. They pay salary using daily rate but capped at Rp1.500.000.
3. They need to know who come and who are absent every day.
4. If the staff work for more than 15 days, he will get certain extra salary per day ( this is like bonus).     If he work less than 12 days, he will get nothing extra.
5. He will get food allowance, travel allowance etc
6. He will get replacement allowance, working on public holiday allowance
7. Attendance need to be updated daily - start and finish, and overtime or replacement work. Update is by remote log into the system. What time come in. What time go back. For all staff.
8. Staff training loan need to be deducted every month. All this must be in payroll. Manager must know if loan is fully paid or not.
9. Staff clothes and tools loan need to be updated every month. All this must be  in payroll.
10. Staff will get payslip from system. Online payslip. Format must follow their format.

Definitely the standard Payroll will not be able to do this. If you have this problem on payroll, contact us. OfficeCentral can do it.


Double up your sales by using leads referral method

Double up your sales by using leads referral method
You might be thinking this is an old and tried method. Yes it is true but read more on the new twist.
This is what we will do:
1. You are the entrepreneur or sales CXO.
2. You want to get good quality leads.
3. You join OfficeCentral CRM.
4. Post your product description / sales pitch
5. Put in how much you will pay for a qualified leads ( Say RM1.00 per leads or whatever numbers)
6. Also how much is your total budget.
7. Pay to OfficeCentral this amount.
 8. The system will tell you the used/balance.
9. You can log in to see the leads.
10. Follow up the leads as normal CRM sales process.
11. This leads is HOT leads since they actually click your advertisement.
12. Not all leads can be converted to sales ( like any normal leads, but this is a valid leads )

If you are the person who wants to make more money by free lancing, this is your chance.
1. You are doing freelance
2. You join OfficeCentral CRM as user of the Leads management.
3. You get notification of leads required via email or when you log in.
4. You log in OfficeCentral CRM.
5. Select what leads request from the list. The leads request will tell you how much is one lead will pay. You choose what leads request you want to do.
6. Input your leads - name, email, company.
7. CRM System will generate referral ID.
8. If you are using facebook: Copy the product pitch together with the referal ID into your facebook page. Facebook will be on with the advertisement.
9. If you are using email, select the email and the system will send the email to your prospect.
9. Prospect will click and   will be directed to leads page where information will be updated.
10. The system know that you are the one giving the lead.
11. OfficeCentral will pay you once a week your total amount. You will be paid for the leads that receives the click ( not all your leads that you input)

I have not released this version yet. Wait for it.

Contact us if you like this feature.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

You can make extra money by giving leads

You can make extra money by giving leads
Nowadays everybody is feeling the pinch. A lot of people are trying to do something to make more money. Actually everybody can make money by using their network and knowledge. No need to invest in anything. Just use existing knowledge.
On the other hand every businessmen need leads to build their sales. They need leads badly. They are willing to pay for it if the leads are good.
Now, this is the potential business model:
1. Somebody is in certain business. He wants leads in certain category.
You are quite familiar with the people or company this area.
You get the required information.
You get paid for every leads you add to the leads database.
Everybody can do it. Everybody have friends.
Everybody know somebody that requires something.

Probably you can make RM100 per day doing this from home or during your free time.

2.Option 2 is using another concept.
Certain businessmen requires leads for certain potential customer.
He put the requirements into the system.
You read it and happen to know certain contacts and names as potential customer.
You add the name and contact information into the system.
You connect him to the  potential customer.
probably a short email or a short phone call.
Introduce the entrepreneur.
You get paid if that introduction results in an Order.
Probably RM200 per successful order.

I am not sure which is a better option.
or this will not work.

What do you thin about this?
Yes ( it is a good idea to try) /No ( forget it. It will not work)

Speeding up commercialisation of software products

Speeding up commercialisation of software products.
One of the key success factor in product development is the speed of commercialization.
If you take years to start selling your product then you may lose the window of opportunities.
Your product may be too expensive, since it took so long to finish it. You may not have enough money to market and sell your product.
We at OfficeCentral know about this very well. We know how long it takes to build a good product.
Now we have come up with a fantastic solution for software developers.
Build your application on top of OfficeCentral platform. Make use of te various features, security and structure that have been implemented. Make use of the modules that are already available.
Only focus on your actual product.
Target is to launch your product within 3 months.
Call us to discuss this opportunities.
You could be developing any software for the enterprises and businesses,
OfficeCentral can help you.
1. Faster development
2. Less cost
2. Make use of established modules of OfficeCentral
3. Marketing of product by OfficeCentral marketing network.
You will be more successful.