Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Google Search Engine - How to Get Ranking #1?

I have been struggling with this for a long time and I am sure many of you are facing the same problem.  How to get the Ranking #1 or at least top 3 on google page search.
This is what we should do:
Look at your website and focus on this
1. Keyword selection
2. Your content
3. Your Site Optimisation
4. Back link

Keyword selection - Create one page of content for each keyword.
The content should serve the needs of the people searching the keyword.
If you have got the previous page, improve it. Make it better.
Add the the selected keyword for
-each page URL,

- page title,
- meta description,
- header tag

Back link- No of Backlink and Quality of Backlink:
Get website that is already on #1 ranking to backlink to you.
Ask partners, suppliers and customers to backlink to you.
Also friends and bloggers.

Most SOE experts believe that the following are used by Google to rank websites:
  • Keyword usage
  • Site structure
  • Site speed
  • Time spent on site
  • Number of inbound links
  • Quality of inbound links
Inbound links.  - Backlink is the click that when you click will go to the clicked website.  The number of sites linked to your website and the quality of the websites will have significant impact on google ranking.
Technically easy to do. Contact the people responsible to the website and ask them to add your link. Of course, easy to say. They may not respond to you. Treat this as your marketing work that you do everyday.
Build links steadily over time. Not one off job. Google ranking like this method.
Focus on acquiring links from new websites rather than from existing websites that already linked to your website.

Citation - Google use citation to evaluate the authority of your online business. List our NAP ( Name, Address, Phone Number) in your local directories. It indicates to Google that your business  is not SPAM.

OK guys. Try this first and see the result. It will take time. Probably a few months to see your ranking move to #1 or top 3.


Monday, August 28, 2017

CRM Software Global Price Comparison - OfficeCentral is among the most competitive

I have been searchng to compare prices of the CRM software worldwide.
This is the CRM software prices sorted according to price:

There are a lot of CRM software available and some of them are available in Malaysia.
Among those popular in Malaysia are:
Salesforce.com - among the most expensive CRM
OfficeCentral CRM - among the cheapest CRM ( www.officecentral.com.my) - RM59 per month for all features.
Zoho CRM 
Freshdesk CRM

Some of them are designed for certain targeted users and functions. You should try them to see if they are 100% suitable for your requirements. Most CRM software will gie you free 30 days trial.
OfficeCentral have many funnctons and features required by users of CRM:
1. Pricebook, inventory management
2. Leads, account management, leads intelligence, KPI management, dashboards
3. Sales process - quotation, OA, Invoice, DO and Receipt
4. Communication, email, SMS, call, services
5. Point of Sales
Also mobile Apps:
1. POS on mobile
2. CRM on mobile
OfficeCentral users have been growing significantly due to the acceptance of cloud and mobile solutions for CRM.

The following are list of CRM vendors and prices:

Below USD15 per user per  month:
Capsule Capsule CRM                             Monthly Subscription             Free - $8 / user i
SuiteCRM SuiteCRM                               Not Available                          Free i- $ - 
Less Annoying CRM                                Monthly Subscription             $10 / user i
OfficeCentral CRM                                 Monthly Subscription            From US12 / user i
Pipedrive Pipedrive                                 Monthly Subscription             From $12 / user i
Freshdesk Freshdesk                              Monthly Subscription             Free - $70 / user i
Hubspot Hubspot                                    CRM Monthly Subscription     Free - $50 / user i
Insightly Insightly CRM                           Monthly Subscription             Free - $99 / user i
Really Simple Software Simple CRM      Monthly Subscription             Free - £35 / user i
Workbooks Workbooks CRM                 Monthly Subscription             Free - £19 / user i

Price between USD15 to USD50 per user per month
Zoho Zoho CRM                                      Monthly Subscription             From $15 / user i
Salesforce Salesforce                              Monthly Subscription             From £20 / user i
Base Base CRM                                       Monthly Subscription             From $25 / user i
bpm’ online bpm’ online                        Monthly Subscription             From $25 / user i
BuddyCRM BuddyCRM                           Monthly Subscription             From £35 / user i
Market Circle Daylite                              Monthly Subscription             From £22 / user i
Nimble Nimble                                        Monthly Subscription             From $25 / user i
Nutshell Nutshell                                    Monthly Subscription             From $22 / user i
PipelineDeals PipelineDeals                   Monthly Subscription             From $25 / user i
Pipelinersales Inc. Pipeliner CRM           Monthly Subscription             From £18 / user i
ProsperWorks ProsperWorks                   Monthly Subscription             From $19 / user i
WebCRM WebCRM                                Monthly Subscription             From £18 / user i

Above USD50 per month:
Open CRM Open CRM                            Monthly Subscription             From £75 / 3 users i
SAP SAP Anywhere                                 Monthly Subscription             From $549/ 5 users i
SuperOffice Software SuperOffice CRM Monthly Subscription             From £34 / user i
Greenrope Greenrope                            Monthly Subscription             From $149 / month i

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Referer Program for OfficeCentral gives 80% Commission of first month order.

OfficeCentral already have thousands of customers and users by now. It is time for OfficeCentral to launch OfficeCentral Referer program.  
1. What is OfficeCentral Referer program?
OfficeCentral already have thousands of customers and users. They are already familiar with OfficeCentral and enjoy the product features and functions within their company. Many features and functions are added monthly since the last few years. They have continued their use of OfficeCentral year after year.
This year we are going to REWARD them.
They can introduce OfficeCentral to their friends that they know can benefit from OfficeCentral.
When their friend decided to purchase OfficeCentral, they will be given 80% of the first month purchase.  

2. Do you need to register or pay any fees to join?      
You do not need to pay any fees to join.
You just need to inform them via email to us.
Once the order is done by your friend, we will process your REWARD.  

3. Who can join?
Anybody can join this OfficeCentral Referer program.
Obviously the existing user of OfficeCentral have a better understanding of OfficeCentral and who can benefit from the use of OfficeCentral.

4. How to contact us?
Contact us at referer@ventures.com.my

Look at this video:
This program covers Malaysia, Indonesia and India for now
We will expand to other countries next year.

In Indonesian language:

In English for India:

 More information about OfficeCentral:

This is the first time that OfficeCentral gives financial benefit directly to OfficeCentral users. It is a reward and appreciation to our users. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Some of our customer support requests fall through the cracks and make customer upset. How to make sure this do not happen?

Every business operation will receive customer complaints. The more customers, the more complaints you may receive. For a software company like us, when you build big, many powerful modules and advanced features and  complicated calculations, bugs will crop up. From the thousands of users, there will be some flow or logic that we did not handle well. These need to be fixed. fast.
The best way is to handle it using a system. manual handling will not be sufficient.
The process
1. Capture the issue - automatically from customer complaint e-mail
2. Analyse, recreate event, is it bug?, or did user wrong configuration?.
3. If bug, assign to software development team. Otherwise contact customer can explain their mistake in configuration and close case.
4. Fix the bug. test it in testing server.
5. If OK, upload to operation server.
6. Inform Customer. Close case. Update FAQ.

This is our internal SOP for this:
...................................... ..............................................................
All support requests will need to create ticket inside Freshdesk.
- If customer sends to support@ventures.com.my, ticket will auto-create inside Freshdesk. So respond as normal.

- If customer sends email to personal support person email, the support person must forward the email to freshdesk and make sure any interaction regarding support with clients are from inside freshdesk and NOT from personal email. This is to make sure that if the support person is not available due to outstation work or training or on leave, another person can take over the support ticket and respond to the client.

- If customer calls the office, the support person MUST create a new ticket inside freshdesk. We will not use OfficeCentral phone call for this anymore. Even if the issue is solved on the phone, email through freshdesk MUST be sent as well. This is so that we have track record of the issue and we have black and white evidence that the issue has been solved.

- If customer sends support requests via Whatsapp, support person MUST create a new ticket inside freshdesk. Even if the issue is solved inside whatsapp (must respond to both whatsapp and email), must create a ticket inside freshdesk as well. This is so that we have track record of the issue and we have black and white evidence that the issue has been solved.

- Same as chat as well. All support requests from any channel MUST be created in Freshdesk and reply to the customer to provide solution must be put inside Freshdesk as well even if already informed via phonecall/chat/etc to make sure we can track all issues and have black/white evidence of responses.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

How many people like Free Invoicing Software? Do you like this?

I am planning to build free invoicing function in OfficeCentral.
It will work like this.
1. You become user of OfficeCentral. Select FREE INVOICING USER.
3. You can get access to ACCOUNT MODULE. You can  add your customers here.
4. You can get access to PRICEBOOK MODULE.  You can add your products and prices here.
5. After this by using the CRM INVOICE module, you will take just seconds to create your invoice.
6. The system will automatically send the link to the INVOICE via e-mail to your customer.
7. Your customer will have USERNAME and PASSWORD to view the INVOICES and can download the INVOICE himself.
8. System will generate username and password for first time  user.
9. If user already have username, then he can immediately log in.
10. All INVOICES are kept by the system database. Very systematic safekeeping

Let me know if this FREE  MODULE will help you.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Growth Hacking. What is growth hacking and How to do it?

For those who are new to growth hacking, you can look at the definition -
Growth hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business. Growth hacking[1] refers to a set of both conventional and unconventional marketing experiments that lead to growth of a business. Growth hackers are marketers, engineers and product managers that specifically focus on building and engaging the user base of a business.[2] Growth hackers often focus on low-cost alternatives to traditional marketing, e.g. using social media, viral marketing or targeted advertising[3] instead of buying advertising through more traditional media such as radio, newspaper, and television.[4]
The question is how to implement it in your company?
For a SaaS company, the traditional sales cycle method is very expensive. The price of SaaS product  is very low that the traditional sales method is very costly comparatively and not sustainable. It is also very slow growth.
This is one of the method that we follow: 
1. Using existing users to add new users. 
Our product OfficeCentral have been in the market for many years. We have thousands of customers and each customers have hundreds of their own customers.
One method is for our existing users to be able to send the invoice to their customers via OfficeCentral. 
The advantage to users:
1. Automated Email from system. Correct data.
2. Fast. System takes care of sending
3. System always remember.
4. Status is from system
The advantages to the customers:
1. Can log in to see the current invoice
2. Can see previous invoices and status is from system

New users can log into OfficeCentral and can view their invoices, download the .PDF file and view their payment status.
This new users can also look at the various modules and features available in OfficeCentral.
With this method we will get thousands of new users and high potential of conversion.

The HOTMAIL did this when they start their growth hacking many years ago. They become very large without spending advertising on traditional marketing method.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Look at this Mobile Apps for Staff. Module leave, check in, claim, movement, leads, meetings.

We have developed many Mobile Apps for the use of people in the companies. One of them is the Staff mobile Apps. The Apps for Staff covers the following modules:
  • Module leave
  • Check in and check out
  • Claim
  • Movement, 
  • Sales Leads
  • Meetings.
  • Announcements
 The Apps made use of the GPS positioning for the location and the camera to take pictures.
The module is connected to the same database in the cloud. The update is instant and the status is updated to you immediately.

Now you can use your mobile to do your staff activities.

We have many Mobile Apps that we have created for you. They are:
1. Mobile Apps for Staff
2 Mobile Apps for CRM Sales.
3. Mobile Apps for CRM Poin of Sales
4. Mobile Apps for Accounting Outsourcing

We also have mobile Apps for Asset Management
1. AssetCentral Mobile Apps - complaint management, work orders, status

The link for the Mobile Apps for Staff is here:

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Many inexperienced Sales staff still do not do Qualifying of Leads correctly. This result in poor sales.

Many inexperienced Sales staff still do not do Qualifying of Leads correctly. This result in poor sales.
Many sales meetings but no result. Some staff are more eager to fulfill the sales meeting KPI rather than qualifying leads. 

I have build up a procedure to improve this situation.
This is the procedure that sales and marketing team to follow:
I noticed that many sales staff setting up meeting with customers without evaluating and classifying the leads.
They meet anybody who can meet them.
This is not right.
The sales result will be very disappointing.
How to classify HOT LEADS:
1. I already have budget
2. We planned to purchase the product within three months
3. We already invited supplier to present their solution
4. We have a problem. Your solution could solve the problem.
5. We heard about your product and we need solution fast.
6. We are doing GST soon. We want to know about the software

This is COLD lead
1. I do not need your solution
2. We have no plan to purchase
3. We have no budget for it now
4. We are OK with whatever we have now.

1. We are looking around for solution. Plan to do something about it next year.
2. We are looking at prices for our next year budget
3. We try to understand this new technology. Increase our knowledge.
4. We wanted to know about new technology. Increase our knowledge.
Remember that you are not supposed to set up meeting yet if they are not HOT or WARM.
HOT have priority, every time.
You should send them information about our product, link to our videos and websites so that they know about our products before we meet them.
By now they would already know about our product and if the product suits their requirements.
If they are like this, you send info first. no need for physical meeting:
1. I just want to know more about your product. I have no budget. no plan to buy.
2. I have no idea what you are selling. Anyway just come to my office for a demo
3. I want to learn about this technology. I have no plan to buy now.

All sales staff must implement this in their LEADS processing and ask the right questions before setting PHYSICAL MEETING.
From now on we are monitoring the LEAD status ( HOT/WARM/COLD). Only HOT leads will be priority for sales meeting.

Watch my video on this.

Monday, May 22, 2017


I am building up a series of training videos for my sales staff and dealers.
In this video I talked about how to use CRM to manage your sales team.
Listen and try the method and see how your sales will be improved.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

test connection blogger to facebook

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Test blogger to Facebook connection


We are testing this connection. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Thanks.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

1 minute Webinar for Marketing of product - is it effective? Click here and tell me.

Hi. Facebook told us that a video is more effective in marketing compared to still image on facebook. I have created this  1 minute Webinar for Marketing of Product. Title: "How cloud and mobile technology will help your company more successful". Click here and tell me. Is it effective?


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Business Intelligence - Dashboards.

We have designed Business Intelligence dashboard to help managers and CEOs to monitor their company well. However I noticed that many entrepreneurs are still not using the dashboard as much as I thought. I believe this indicate probably that the dashboard is not very helpful or entrepreneurs are still struggling with daily survival and dashboard is still too far ahead to see.
Anyway, we are going to look again into the design:
1. It must be fast - display in a few seconds. Convenient. Fast.
2. It must help the managers and CEOs to understand things. It must help CEOs to know that they are below certain target. They also indicate what to do in order to  improve the situation.
3. It must have action items or suggestions that CEOs could do. The KPI is central to a good BI since we must know what is our target and where is the lacking.

Let us look at the definition of business intelligence:
The term Business Intelligence refers to the systems and processes that help to simplify and use information in an organization to enable faster and easier decision making by providing key information to the decision makers in a timely and efficient manner. Often, business intelligence is confused with the tools that simplify the process. It is necessary to understand that business intelligence goes beyond these tools, which are only the technology that streamline the process of business intelligence. In recent times, the concept of business intelligence has gained huge significance in every organization. To understand this significance, we first need to understand the benefits of business intelligence.

What are the benefits of Business Intelligence:
1. Helps align the organization towards its key objectives
In the first place we must have KPI in our company. The KPI should be part of business intelligence data so that the BI can be part of things that the management monitor so that it will help the company achieve the objective.
2. Enable faster decision making, have facts.
Data must be available fast and decision can be made based on facts. The company must have a system such that data are available immediately.
3. Combines multiple sources of data for decision making.
Data must be available from different sources - sales, hr, marketing, financial ratios such that decision making will be efficient and accurate.
4. Efficient collection of data
Data must be collected efficiently and real time or close to real time. The efficient collection of data will give the CEO/managers the correct data in timely manner so that their decision is efficient and effective. A small aadvantage against competitors will translate into big gains in  business.
We designed OfficeCentral so that data can be collected efficiently, almost instantly from various angles of business. The various modules are collection data all the time:
CRM -collection sales data, customer data, trend, sales activity
Accounting - sales, profit, cost, debtors, creditors, financial ratios
HR/Payroll  - staff data, salary, claims, ratios
POS - transactions, trend
By combining the various data we can build Business Intelligence that an give the advantage to the CEOs and managers so that this small advantage will translate in much bigger business growth.

This is some of the things that we will do to improve the BI:
1. Accounting data - will be processed monthly and summary data will be kept in another table. This will speed up the various dashboards and financial ratios data.
2. KPI module will be added. The BI will be closely monitored as compared to KPI data. The KPI data iteslf is available and updated instantly.
3.  Data from CRM, Accounting and HR and Payroll will be combined to generate certain indications such that CEOs have better insight. Obviously the KPI target will be central to what is important to monitor.

Wait for this new version of BI from OfficeCentral.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

"Growing your business" series. Online experience sharing on webinars

We have been using the traditional method of lectures, seminars and workshop on the theme of "ICT For Growth" for he last five years and we have reached thousands of entrepreneurs, managers and staff.  This method is very effective since you have the face to face meeting with your audience. This is the behaviour of Asian. Relationship type. Knowing who you are. However this method have its drawbacks:
1. You can only talk to 20-50 people in one time. It will take 100 seminars to meet 2,000 people ( assuming the number of 20 per seminar).
2. It is expensive to run - venue rental, cost per head is high, food, drink
3. It takes a lot of time - travel, not convenience, half a day, one day seminar.
4. Most seminar will be in KL area. Other areas are very costly - we did seminar all over Malaysia. JB, BP, Muar, Melaka, Seremban, Senawang, Kuala Pilah, Bangi,  Shah Alam, Sentul, Wangsa Maju, Klang, Ipoh, Alor Star, Kangar, Kota Bharu, Kuala Terengganu, Kuantan, Jengka. We even do seminar in Kuching, Miri, Kota Kinabalu and other major towns.  Due to cost, the seminar outside Kuala Lumpur is not that frequent.
This is where we will move in the next stage.
We will use the webinar concept, where thousands of people can benefit. The advantages are:
1. Many people can join at tye same time.Thousands can join.
2. It is low cost. Seminar can be free. Many topics.
3. No need to travel. You can log in from home, office, anywhere.
4. Very convenient. Save cost.
5. Seminar can be short, say 1 hour sessions. You can do our work after that. It do not interrupt your daily work.
6. You can ask via chat. Your questions wil be answered during the webinar.

The following are some of the "Growing Your business" lecture and knowledge and experience sharing series:
1. How to use CRM to grow your business
2. How cloud and mobile technology can help you grow you business.
3. Entrepreneurs - building up million dollar business.

We also have country specific lectures for India GST:
1. GST in India - how to implement in your company.
2. How to do GST transactions - issue invoice, credit note, GSTR2
3. How to do GST transactions - receive invoice, credit note, GSTR1, GSTR1A
4. How to do GST transactions - issue invoice, receive invoice, government feedback - GSTR1, GSTR2, GSTR3.
5. How to do GST transactions - upload debtors, upload creditors

We will also have technical series:
1. How to use Accounting system
2. How to use HR system
3. How to use Payroll System
4. How to use CRM System
5. How to use POS system
6. How to use Distribution Management System
7. How to use mobile Apps - Staff
8. How to use mobile Apps -Sales Management
9. How to use mobile Apps -Outsourcing
10. How to use mobile Apps - Point of Sales

We will also have some specific technical series:
1. How to do automatic bank reconciliation
2. How to do mapping between CRM and Accounting
3. How to do mapping between payroll and Accounting
4. How to do mapping between POS and Accounting
We will inform you on the various dates of the webinars.

How wizards will help your users to start using the system without having to come to training classes?

Wizards is supposed to be very clever guy that will help you solve any problems. This is what we call our online intelligent help module.
The problem when you start using the OfficeCentral is the complexity of the software. The same software can be used by user in Malaysia, Indonesia, India or other countries. Obviously setting is very important to tell the system what country you are located, what currency, your accounting period, your working hours etc. Most users need to come for training to do the setting.
I notice that probably more than one hour will be used to do global setting, module setting, user setting, format setting etc.
The wizard wll solve this problem:
When you log into OfficeCentral, you will see "wizard". Click the wizard.
The you will be guided by the document,. Just follow the instruction.
The instruction is live.
For example:
1. Select your country
The system will show the current setting,
and if no setting, will show not set yet.
Then you seect your country,
example select "INDIA"

2. Select your currency.
The system will show the current setting,
and if no setting, will show not set yet.
Then you seect your currency,
example select "Rs"

3. Sect your accounting period:
The system will show the current setting,
and if no setting, will show not set yet.
Then you set your accounting period,
example set Start "January" " 2017", End "December", "2017"

And so on.
The difference between wizard and user manual is in user manual you will be told what to do,
and you log in into the system and do the setting your self. It will work. But most users rarely read the manual. They just log in and try to figure out what to do on the go.
In wizard, you do it within the wizard document and follow the live guide.
The wizard will even tell you what is the current setting.

Wait when we launch the wizard soon.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Managing Inventory is important to save time and prevent losses. Inventory management system is a complex software.

We have been tinkering with our Inventory Management system for a while now. However I a still not satisfied with what we achieved. Probably the task is quite complicated.
This is what we need to take care of:
1. This is where we keep the list of products that we sell.
There is also a challenge here:
Product description: T-Shirt Selangor 2017
Variant1: Colour - red, blue, green
Variant2: Size - Small, medium, large, XL
Variant3: Style  - Cotton,
You can see that for one product item, we have to handle three variants.

We we should do is to register every variant as a separate SKU and separate barcode.
This is the method of inventory management and SKU management.
So you will have every product and variants have different barcode and SKU number.

After this you need to handle the packages:
1. Individual unit
2. Package 1 - 1 dozen
3. Package 2- 4 units
How do we handle this?

First we need to know what is the content of the package:
So we need to register the package:
For example the  package 1: 1 dozen
We register the Package 1 as another SKU with own barcode.
We go to package setting:
Now we register the items in this package:
The system will list all the items,
and we need to select the items and variants and the quantity for this variant.
For example:
Package 1 - 1 dozen
Selangor T-Shirt 2017 - Color: Blue   Size: S   Style: Cottton  Qty: 2
Selangor T-Shirt 2017 - Color: Blue   Size: M   Style: Cottton  Qty: 2
Selangor T-Shirt 2017 - Color: Blue   Size: L  Style: Cottton  Qty: 2
Selangor T-Shirt 2017 - Color: Red    Size: S   Style: Cottton  Qty: 2
Selangor T-Shirt 2017 - Color: Red   Size: M   Style: Cottton  Qty: 2
Selangor T-Shirt 2017 - Color: Red   Size: L  Style: Cottton  Qty: 2

From this we would be able to know what is the content of the package.
You notice that all individual content of the package is also registered in Pricebook as a unique SKU.

When we run the inventory report we can dig deeper:
For example:
We have:
 Package 1   Qty: 3

But we can also get detailed quantity based on individual content,
Which is:
Selangor T-Shirt 2017 - Color: Blue   Size: S   Style: Cottton  Qty:6
Selangor T-Shirt 2017 - Color: Blue   Size: M   Style: Cottton  Qty:6
Selangor T-Shirt 2017 - Color: Blue   Size: L  Style: Cottton  Qty:6
Selangor T-Shirt 2017 - Color: Red    Size: S   Style: Cottton  Qty:6
Selangor T-Shirt 2017 - Color: Red   Size: M   Style: Cottton  Qty:6
Selangor T-Shirt 2017 - Color: Red   Size: L  Style: Cottton  Qty:6
Once your Pricebook design is able to handle variant and packages,
then we can start looking into Inventory Tracking:

For example in Point of Sales:
We can display product item
 Example: T-Shirt Selangor 2017
Then select the variant:
Then select quantity:

By doing this the POS display will show only one image called T-Shirt Selangor 2017
You select the variant to fix the actual order.

We can also sell package:
Package 1:
Which contains 1 dozen items,
which we can give the list from pricebook.

We can see the inventory transactions and inventory balance:
 For example:
Package 1 - Inventory Out - Qty 1, Balance: Package 1 - 6

The SKU is the unique code for every package or item.
Go to the SKU and deduct or add as required.
For package, the SKU contanins other SKUs as defined in pricebook.
You can have the report for individual SKU from this method.

We will let you know when this version is launched.
 This will improve the way we show things in our POS.

Monday, March 13, 2017

How to handle 10,000 new users of OfficeCentral in India within three months? We will be using webinar to do this. All online lectures and workshop will rely on this technology. Wait for the webinar schedule.

We have been having intense discussion on how to handle 10,000 new users within the next three months in India. Could the number goes to 100,000? Or reaching 1,000,000? You will see  later.
This is what we wll do:
1. We will deliver webinar to all our new users. They will learn about GST, how to start up OfficeCentral, how to do transactions and how to generate the GSTR3 report from the webinar.
2. The webinar will be available every day monday to friday.
3. Time is from 9:00am to 10:00am online lecture, plus 30 minutes Q&A.
4. If they miss the day lecture they can look at the reorded webinar ad search the titles that they missed.
5. Using this method, we can have thousands of users log in into the webinar every day. The target 10,000 numbers trained will be achieved. Probably 100,000 or 1 million can be trained using this method without straining our resources.

These are the webinar titles:
1. Understanding GST India - Introduction
2. Using OfficeCentral - start up, using start up wizard. Setting Chart of Account, default PERS compliance, Intro to various modules, Upload data to Debtors, Creditors, Input data to CoA.
3. Revenue - cash sales, issuing invoice, credit note, within state transactions - generate GSTR3 report, generate P&L report, Cash Flow
4. Expenses - cash purchase, receiving invoice, receive credit note, within state transactions - Generate GSTR3 report, generate P&L, cash flow
5. Combined transaction - revenue, expenses, interstate transactions - generate GSTR3, GSTR2, GSTR1 reports, P&L, Balance Sheet. cash flow.
6. Receiving government feedback - input tax approval, output tax, interest, fines - generate GSTR3 report after receiving government report.

We will also give webinar on other modules related to GST:
7. Using CRM - from quotation to invoice to receipt. Import to Accounting
8. Using Point of Sales - from sales and GST. Import to Accounting
9. Using Purchasing - from purchase, Input Tax - import to accounting

We also have webinar on other OfficeCentral modules:
10. Using OfficeCentral CRM - Pricebook, Inventory, Leads, Account Management
11. Using OfficeCentral CRM - Setting KPI and monitoring it. Meeting, Quotation to invoice
12. Using OfficeCentral CRM - Using CRM Leads Intelligence, KPI Dashboards
13. Using OfficeCentral HR - setting and configuration, staff profile
14. Using OfficeCentral HR - leave, movement, claims, org chart, attendance interface to devices, interface to payroll.

15. Using OfficeCentral Payroll - setting and configuration
16. Using OfficeCentral Payroll - process payroll, addition, deduction, interface to accounting
17. Using OfficeCentral Finance - claims, advance, payment vouchers

The titles 2-6 will be repeated every week s that users that missed the webinar can join the next week webinar. They can also listen again to recorded webinar.
The followings are the repeated titles every week:
The lecturers may change on different week. The content will be the same.
2. Using OfficeCentral - start up, using start up wizard. Setting Chart of Account, default PERS compliance, Intro to various modules, Upload data to Debtors, Creditors, Input data to CoA.
3. Revenue - cash sales, issuing invoice, credit note, within state transactions - generate GSTR3 report, generate P&L report, Cash Flow
4. Expenses - cash purchase, receiving invoice, receive credit note, within state transactions - Generate GSTR3 report, generate P&L, cash flow
5. Combined transaction - revenue, expenses, interstate transactions - generate GSTR3, GSTR2, GSTR1 reports, P&L, Balance Sheet. cash flow.
6. Receiving government feedback - input tax approval, output tax, interest, fines - generate GSTR3 report after receiving government report.

We wil start this in April 2017.
You may look into this method when you find that your traditional strategy in training your users are not working due to the volume.
We have been using our traditional method for the last 4 years. Almost every week we have the OfficeCentral training. We have trained thousands of users during the last four years.
The question is can we do the training of 10,000 users in 3 months using the traditional method?