Thursday, December 29, 2016

New Features upgrade for OfficeCentral - OfficeCentral CRM Mobile for Field Sales Team

New Features upgrade for OfficeCentral - OfficeCentral CRM Mobile for Field Sales Team .

We have been tinkering with this mobile module for a couple of months. We know that the sales people need something powerful and mobile to help them do their work better, faster.
We know that only cloud and mobile technology can satisfy the requirements:
  • Must be able to be used on the go, no need to go back to office
  • Access from anywhere, access anytime
  • Prepare and send the quotation or invoice within minutes while on the go 
  •  Get the latest product, price and customer data while travelling
We came up with two solutions. One in the cloud and one in the form of mobile Apps.
The CRM in the cloud have been used by our customers for more than two years. They can build quotation, delivery order, invoice and receipt within minutes. They can look at the customer information and history instantly. They can look at the product info, inventory and prices instantly.
This is already fantastic.

The second solution will blow your mind  off. It is the Mobile Apps for CRM. Now you can use your mobile apps to do things that requires a lop top before. With the mobile apps you can do the following on your phone:
  • Build quotation, order acceptance delivery order, invoice and receipt
  • Send them via email instantly.
  • Get data of your customers
  • Get historical data of your customers relationship with you
  • Get inventory data and price data 
  • Update your sales leads
Try o download the apps from the Google Apps Store.
The link is as follows:

We are always looking at how to improve the product. You use the product and let us know what areas to find tune to suit your operation. We know many of you are in dufferent business and have different process. We will add or adjust the features such that you can get the best from the apps.
Let us know.

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