Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Many inexperienced Sales staff still do not do Qualifying of Leads correctly. This result in poor sales.

Many inexperienced Sales staff still do not do Qualifying of Leads correctly. This result in poor sales.
Many sales meetings but no result. Some staff are more eager to fulfill the sales meeting KPI rather than qualifying leads. 

I have build up a procedure to improve this situation.
This is the procedure that sales and marketing team to follow:
I noticed that many sales staff setting up meeting with customers without evaluating and classifying the leads.
They meet anybody who can meet them.
This is not right.
The sales result will be very disappointing.
How to classify HOT LEADS:
1. I already have budget
2. We planned to purchase the product within three months
3. We already invited supplier to present their solution
4. We have a problem. Your solution could solve the problem.
5. We heard about your product and we need solution fast.
6. We are doing GST soon. We want to know about the software

This is COLD lead
1. I do not need your solution
2. We have no plan to purchase
3. We have no budget for it now
4. We are OK with whatever we have now.

1. We are looking around for solution. Plan to do something about it next year.
2. We are looking at prices for our next year budget
3. We try to understand this new technology. Increase our knowledge.
4. We wanted to know about new technology. Increase our knowledge.
Remember that you are not supposed to set up meeting yet if they are not HOT or WARM.
HOT have priority, every time.
You should send them information about our product, link to our videos and websites so that they know about our products before we meet them.
By now they would already know about our product and if the product suits their requirements.
If they are like this, you send info first. no need for physical meeting:
1. I just want to know more about your product. I have no budget. no plan to buy.
2. I have no idea what you are selling. Anyway just come to my office for a demo
3. I want to learn about this technology. I have no plan to buy now.

All sales staff must implement this in their LEADS processing and ask the right questions before setting PHYSICAL MEETING.
From now on we are monitoring the LEAD status ( HOT/WARM/COLD). Only HOT leads will be priority for sales meeting.

Watch my video on this.

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