Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Referer Program for OfficeCentral gives 80% Commission of first month order.

OfficeCentral already have thousands of customers and users by now. It is time for OfficeCentral to launch OfficeCentral Referer program.  
1. What is OfficeCentral Referer program?
OfficeCentral already have thousands of customers and users. They are already familiar with OfficeCentral and enjoy the product features and functions within their company. Many features and functions are added monthly since the last few years. They have continued their use of OfficeCentral year after year.
This year we are going to REWARD them.
They can introduce OfficeCentral to their friends that they know can benefit from OfficeCentral.
When their friend decided to purchase OfficeCentral, they will be given 80% of the first month purchase.  

2. Do you need to register or pay any fees to join?      
You do not need to pay any fees to join.
You just need to inform them via email to us.
Once the order is done by your friend, we will process your REWARD.  

3. Who can join?
Anybody can join this OfficeCentral Referer program.
Obviously the existing user of OfficeCentral have a better understanding of OfficeCentral and who can benefit from the use of OfficeCentral.

4. How to contact us?
Contact us at

Look at this video:
This program covers Malaysia, Indonesia and India for now
We will expand to other countries next year.

In Indonesian language:

In English for India:

 More information about OfficeCentral:

This is the first time that OfficeCentral gives financial benefit directly to OfficeCentral users. It is a reward and appreciation to our users. 

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Referer Program for OfficeCentral gives 80% Commission of first-month order is finally launched. Good to see that the first time they are giving the financial support