Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Can we grow during difficult economic times? How buyers decide? What products will grow during this time?

We have gone through three years of lean time. 2015, 2016 and now 2017. How to grow? Many companies are experiencing the pain. During this time the companies will try to be lean.
This is what we discover what companies do:
1. They will become more lean.
2. They will push for more efficiency
3. They will focus on their core business.
4. They will search for products that can do the work, at lower cost.
5. They will look carefully their cash flow.
We have been quite lucky with OfficeCentral. It satisfy all the demand of companies during this lean time:
1. OfficeCentral is powerful, with many features, that satisfy their needs. Will help them to become more efficient. More effective control of their operation.
2. The price is very economical. Can pay monthly.
3. Many companies will focus on their core business, even for companies with IT department. So they will purchase IT products rather than making everything themselves.

Our experience is, you can still grow in lean economic times if your prouct satisfy customer needs. In fact lean times is an opportunity to grow for people like us.
Join us in this group. Grow even during lean times.

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