Sunday, March 5, 2017

How to get 10,000 users (within 3 months) to use your product without having training classes? We are used to the idea that users must come for training for enterprise product like OfficeCentral.

This is the question that I asked my staff. We are used to rely on traditional training in order to train our users about OfficeCentral.  Yes, it is a lot to crunch in a few days. Accounting, HR, Payroll, CRM, POS, Inventory etc. The old method, while it worked, we cannot become global billion dollar company if we continue as it is.
No doubt we are already rely a lot on the internet and cloud:
1. This website is for online support:

2. Learning School for OfficeCentral

3. YouTube learning

This is what we will launch:  WIZARD
When you initially start using OfficeCentral,
you will see the WIZARD.
It will guide you how to start using OfficeCentraal
1. Global Configuration
2. Set your chart of account - Current Asset
3. Set your chart of account - Current Liabilities
4. Revenue
  ( register your various products groups)
5. Cost of Goods Sold
6. Overhead

You can go to the Chart of Account to handle other settings later on.

The wizard will also have one video on the use of the wizard itself.
So you can use the wizard ad watch the video.
No need to come for classroom training,yet you can use OfficeCetral.
We will make use of our experience training thousands of people using OfficeCentral in order to give the best wizard to you.

With this WIZARD, we will be able to handle thousands of new user that will use OfficeCentral every week soon.

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