Tuesday, June 13, 2017

How many people like Free Invoicing Software? Do you like this?

I am planning to build free invoicing function in OfficeCentral.
It will work like this.
1. You become user of OfficeCentral. Select FREE INVOICING USER.
3. You can get access to ACCOUNT MODULE. You can  add your customers here.
4. You can get access to PRICEBOOK MODULE.  You can add your products and prices here.
5. After this by using the CRM INVOICE module, you will take just seconds to create your invoice.
6. The system will automatically send the link to the INVOICE via e-mail to your customer.
7. Your customer will have USERNAME and PASSWORD to view the INVOICES and can download the INVOICE himself.
8. System will generate username and password for first time  user.
9. If user already have username, then he can immediately log in.
10. All INVOICES are kept by the system database. Very systematic safekeeping

Let me know if this FREE  MODULE will help you.

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custom writing service reviews said...

This free module was very helpful. I wanted to get an upgraded version, where can I find it? It would be easy if you can upload a video.