Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Advertising in Google - Google Search Network Vs Google Display Network

Save money by learning through my experience in Google Search Adwords.

Initially we select Google Display network for our Google Advertising. We have a lot of clicks. We thought we have done successful advertising. Then we realize that almost no people click to fill up our form. No leads. Advertising dollar is wasted. We search for answer. One major clue is many people use this to make money from click. Not real prospect. No real customer.

Learn from our mistake.

Search vs. Display
Select Search Network Only for your campaign type so you’re targeting only the Google Search Network and not the Display Network.

The display network is a completely different animal than search advertising and it requires a different set of keywords, ads, and landing pages. So always set up separate campaigns to target each network.
In our experience we got many clicks from Google Display Network but almost Zero people actually click our form to become our leads. We kind of suspect people are abusing the Display Network to make money from the clicks. We stopped advertising using Google Display Network after that experience. You should try Google Search Network even though it is more expensive per click.

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