Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Building Up Successful Sales

You already have a sales team but the sales result was not as planned. What went wrong? Learn from the expert in Sales Team Management. Learn about how CRM in the cloud technology and mobile technology will transform your sales team performance.

The Sales Workshop will help you to identify what went wrong in your sales strategy or execution of your sales strategy.

Sales staff product knowledge
1.      Understand your product features.
2.      Know your unique value proposition to your customers
3.      Understand your customer industry needs.
4.      Do they understand the customer behaviour?
5.      Do they know who have the headache?

Look at sales strategy execution.
1.      Do you have KPI for your sales staff?
2.      How do you track the KPI?
3.      Is the KPI correct?
4.      Do you enforce the KPI?

Look at the tools you provide to your sales staff
1.      Do you provide them with the sales tools?
2.      Can they build quotations in seconds?
3.      Can they check inventory levels instantly?
4.      Can they get price update instantly?
5.      Can they issue invoice from anywhere?
6.      Can they operate from their mobile phone?
7.      Can they check invoice and payment status while travelling?
8.      Can your warehouse receive orders from your sales people instantly?
9.      Can you see your customer locations on a map?
10.  Can they get access to customer information and their history instantly?
11.  Can they update new leads instantly?

Look at the tools you use to manage your sales staff
1.      Can you assign customers to them from anywhere? Anytime?
2.      Can you track if they actually went to visit the assigned customers?
3.      Can you check their daily progress instantly?
4.      Can you use your mobile to get instant update from your sales system?
5.      Can you monitor their progress and take action before it is too late?
6.      Can you see their KPI instantly? Their current progress? The historical data?
7.      Can you see their meeting update instantly? Who they meet? What further action?
8.      Can you see how many quotations they sent? How much quotation value?
9.      Can you see how many invoices they sent? How much invoices value?
1.   Can you see new leads instantly from them?

If you have many NO ANSWERS, come to our sales management workshop and learn  about the techniques and the technology that will help you transform your sales team performance. Your competitors may already use some of the techniques and some of the advanced technology to win in your market. Do not be left behind. Improve and win.

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