Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Are you processing your payroll efficiently?

You are running your company yet you are not very sure you are running it efficiently? Do you still process your Payroll manually? Do you spend too much time processing it? Do you comply to the government requirements? Can you get your payroll data from anywhere? Learn about how to use Payroll system using the cloud and mobile technology that will transform the way you manage your company. Learn how successful companies use cloud and mobile tools to perform better than you.

The Payroll Workshop will help you to identify the necessary tools, reports and indicators to help you manage and monitor your company performance effectively. You will learn how to use technology to run your company more efficiently. No delays, no mistakes in the calculations and forms.

Administration staff Payroll knowledge
1.      Do they know how to do proper Payroll processing?
2.      Do they know how to build the Payroll reports?
3.      Do they know how to process EPF deductions and fill up the EPF Forms? How to pay EPF? Direct to EPF? Pay via bank?
4.      Do they know how to process SOCSO deductions and fill up the SOCSO Forms? How to pay SOCSO?
5.      Do they know how to process PSMB deductions and fill up the PSMB Forms? How to pay PSMB?
6.      Do they know how to process Zakat deductions and fill up the Zakat Forms? How to pay Zakat? Which State?
7.      Do they know how to process the EA Form? How to fill up the form? For resigning staff? For staff joining after January?
8.      Do they know how to process Staff salary after the various deductions? How to pay direct to staff? Pay via bank? Using bank text file?
9.      Do they know what data to give to accounting department? Salary? Deductions? Company deduction? Staff deductions?

Look at the tools you provide to your Payroll staff
1.      Do you provide them with the Payroll tools?
2.      Can they do Payroll transactions in short time?
3.      Can they get access from anywhere? Anytime? Can they work from home during weekends?
4.      Can the staff get they payslip on-line? Can they get historical data?
5.      Can they get their EA Form on-line?
6.      Can they provide you the payroll reports instantly? Monthly trend? Comparisaon?

Look at the tools you use to manage your company payroll
1.      Can you view your payroll reports from anywhere? Anytime you want?
2.      Can you see the Payroll Dashboard instantly?
3.      Can you see comparison instantly? Compare with last month? Percentage increase?
4.      Can you see financial ratios? Compare payroll with sales?
5.      See trend of payroll with sales? Sales per head? Profit per head?

If you have many NO ANSWERS, come to our Payroll management workshop and learn  about the techniques and the technology that will help you transform your Administrative and Payroll team performance. Your competitors may already use some of the techniques and some of the advanced technology to win in your market. Do not be left behind. Improve and win.

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