Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Expanding Venture Business to India

Expanding Venture Business to India.
Many of my friends are surprised that I decided to expand my ICT business to India. India has many large and successful ICT companies. You will be probably be familiar with InfoSys, Wipro, Tata CS etc.  The numbers are incredible. Can you imagine Wipro have 175,000 staff.
back to the original question of why we are expanding to India. India has 1.25 billion population. There are 48 million SMEs in India. India is launching GST in April. All companies must change their accounting, CRM, POS software to those that comply to the new GST rules.
We have a good experience during the GST launch in Malaysia last year. We grew significantly from our aggressive marketing and competitive pricing. Our programmers have been very busy adding fantastic features that are loved by our users.  I believe this is the opportunity for OfficeCentral to get a significant user growth. We target to have 1,000,000 users by 2020. India will give a big boost to our target.

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