Thursday, September 8, 2016

How to Build successful sales?

How to Build successful sales?. I am sure you have experience failures in building successful sales. You employ sales executive and sales manager and expect your sales to go up. But nothing happens. You were wondering, what went wrong?
I have gone through this many times. Many failures. But I will share with on what worked.
What we need is to manage the sales team effectively.
1. You must have KPI target for them.
Not only the sales figures, but also the following sub measures:
1. How many leads ( per month)
2. How  many account he should follow up ( peer month)
3. How much potential business ($) that he is following
4. How many sales meeting
5. How many quotation ( # or $)
6. How many invoice ( # or $)
You may find this is too much, but lets try it.
You will see drastic changes later on.

What I dis was build up the CRM Sales Management process in the software that we deveoped.
Inside the software you can manage all the KPI above. You can see the dashboard. The target. The actual.
When you set KPI, you must also be serious about it. if you staff missed the KPI target, then you should take action. Then it will work.

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