Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What are your KPI targets? Where are you now compared to target?

I tried to run my sales team in my company based on target.
Everybody have target:
1. How many leads they must have every month
2. How many accounts every month
3. How many sales meeting every month
4. How many quotation every month. How much quotation
5. How many invoices every month2. How much invoice every month

However this targets are located at CRM pages. Chances are they will only look at it at the end of the month. In most cases they may have missed some target when they look at the numbers.
I am going to put this numbers at the start  page of the OfficeCentral.
You log in and on the first page you will see your performance.
You can immediately take action in order not to fail in getting your target.

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