Tuesday, February 21, 2017

How to make acounting easier to use for smaller companies?

When we first design the accounting system, we were designing for big company operation. Which means:
1. There is account clerk - she will put transactions into the accounting system She is the lower ranking staff. Only do transaction. The boss ( accountant) will check, modify ( if required)  and approve the transactions.
2. There is Accountant. She is the boss.  She will approve the transactions. Once approved the rest of the things like P&L, balance Sheet, Cash flow etc will come into place.
Well, this is good for large companies. They like it.
Now, we have thousands of users from Micro and small companies, the problem is the other way around.
1. He is the clerk.
2. he is also the boss
3. he do almost everything.
Now, why should he need to approve his own transactions. It should be automatic.
Knowing this, this is what we will do:
1. User will go to the setting,
2. Select setting [ manual approval, or Automatic Approval) - select automatic approval.
Once you do this, the transactions willbe autmatically approved.

the next question:
The system also have CRM module,
where you can issue invoice from the CRM system.
if you are a big company, this is what normally happened:
Sales - Have differemt boss as compared to Account department boss.
Sales will issue invoice from the CRM
Accountant will import invoice from CRM.
Accountant will approve the transactions,
then it will go to the P&L, balance Sheet and cash Flows.
This is good for big companies,
segregation of authority.

The story is different at micro or small companies,
At small companies,
he is the sales guy,
he is the accountant,
Do he need to approve his own transactions?
The solution;
1. Go to setting in accounting system,
2. Select [ Manual approval or Automatic approval] - select Automatic approval.
Once you do this,
 your transactions will be automatically go to accounting system and automatically approved. 

The same story for the others:
1. Point of Sales System
2. Advance
3. Claims
4. Payroll

We will see the impact once we release this new version.

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