Thursday, February 16, 2017

Double up your sales by using leads referral method

Double up your sales by using leads referral method
You might be thinking this is an old and tried method. Yes it is true but read more on the new twist.
This is what we will do:
1. You are the entrepreneur or sales CXO.
2. You want to get good quality leads.
3. You join OfficeCentral CRM.
4. Post your product description / sales pitch
5. Put in how much you will pay for a qualified leads ( Say RM1.00 per leads or whatever numbers)
6. Also how much is your total budget.
7. Pay to OfficeCentral this amount.
 8. The system will tell you the used/balance.
9. You can log in to see the leads.
10. Follow up the leads as normal CRM sales process.
11. This leads is HOT leads since they actually click your advertisement.
12. Not all leads can be converted to sales ( like any normal leads, but this is a valid leads )

If you are the person who wants to make more money by free lancing, this is your chance.
1. You are doing freelance
2. You join OfficeCentral CRM as user of the Leads management.
3. You get notification of leads required via email or when you log in.
4. You log in OfficeCentral CRM.
5. Select what leads request from the list. The leads request will tell you how much is one lead will pay. You choose what leads request you want to do.
6. Input your leads - name, email, company.
7. CRM System will generate referral ID.
8. If you are using facebook: Copy the product pitch together with the referal ID into your facebook page. Facebook will be on with the advertisement.
9. If you are using email, select the email and the system will send the email to your prospect.
9. Prospect will click and   will be directed to leads page where information will be updated.
10. The system know that you are the one giving the lead.
11. OfficeCentral will pay you once a week your total amount. You will be paid for the leads that receives the click ( not all your leads that you input)

I have not released this version yet. Wait for it.

Contact us if you like this feature.


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