Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Do your selling using your mobile. Point of sales on your mobile phone.

Many of you may have your own shops and business outlets. It could be in the shopping centers, shop rows, kiosks, or traveling salesmen.
If you are have your own shops, you will have the following report to do every day:
1. How much is your sales today?
2. What products you sold today?
Most of you will not purchase the typical POS system:
1. it is too expensive, about RM15,000 one set
2. It is too bulky. Too much space is required. Spece is a premium for you.
This is our solution:
1. Use your mobile as POS. ( Practically free since you already on the phone)
2. Do you transactions on the mobile,
3. Send recept via email. Your customer will see the receipt imediately in her email inbox.
4. Of course, you can buy receipt printer and print using bluethooth connectivity ( this printer will cost you about RM700).
5. You will have membership management in this POS. MEMBERSHIP MANAGEENT is crucial strategy in retail business nowadays.

Some of the features that you may find fantastic:
1. You can continue using thr POS even when your internet line is not available.
2. data will be uploaded once the internet line is available again.

The POS will use pricebook. You can control prices from central control. This is good if you hav many kiosks or travelling salesmen.
You can control price from central location.

The POS will use Inventory. All your inventory data is updated immediately. You know what you sell and what is the balance of your inventory.

You will get the following reports:
 1.Sales report - today, or whatever date
2. Inventory report - today, or whatever date
3. Cash flow  - today
4. Sell Vs time ( can select product)

We will see the actual product once release it very soon.

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