Tuesday, February 14, 2017

You can make extra money by giving leads

You can make extra money by giving leads
Nowadays everybody is feeling the pinch. A lot of people are trying to do something to make more money. Actually everybody can make money by using their network and knowledge. No need to invest in anything. Just use existing knowledge.
On the other hand every businessmen need leads to build their sales. They need leads badly. They are willing to pay for it if the leads are good.
Now, this is the potential business model:
1. Somebody is in certain business. He wants leads in certain category.
You are quite familiar with the people or company this area.
You get the required information.
You get paid for every leads you add to the leads database.
Everybody can do it. Everybody have friends.
Everybody know somebody that requires something.

Probably you can make RM100 per day doing this from home or during your free time.

2.Option 2 is using another concept.
Certain businessmen requires leads for certain potential customer.
He put the requirements into the system.
You read it and happen to know certain contacts and names as potential customer.
You add the name and contact information into the system.
You connect him to the  potential customer.
probably a short email or a short phone call.
Introduce the entrepreneur.
You get paid if that introduction results in an Order.
Probably RM200 per successful order.

I am not sure which is a better option.
or this will not work.

What do you thin about this?
Yes ( it is a good idea to try) /No ( forget it. It will not work)

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