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Comparison between Tally, Quickbook and OfficeCentral

Comparison between Tally, Quickbook and OfficeCentral
One of the things that I normally do is studying the major competitors in the market and compare the products. At least we should know where we stand. Every one have their good points. That is why they have their group of customers.

We are comparing the following software:
1. Quickbook
2. Tally Software
3. OfficeCentral

Tally is the most dominant accounting software in India. Locally developed in India and have extensive user base.
Quickbook is an American product. The product is owned by Intuit the leading accounting software in the USA. Quickbook is new entrant to Indian market, coming in a few years ago.
OfficeCentral is a Malaysian product. The product is a cloud based product, leading in Malaysia. They are new entrant to Indian market.

Tally's key product is tally ERP 9. It is an ERP solution from Tally Solutions Private Limited. Tally ERP 9 is a PC based solution. It will run on Microsoft PC operating system. They have extensive users in India and have been in the market for more than 20 years.

Quickbook is a ssolution from the USA. Quickbook online is a SAAS software. They have configured it to suit Indian market like tax and Indian currency. They have many users in the USA among the SMEs.

OfficeCentral is a solution from Malaysia. OfficeCentral is also a SaaS solution like the Quickbook. They have configured the system to suit the new GST regime in India. They have experience on GST implementation in Malaysia.


We will compare the products on the following criteria:
1. Technology
2. Features
3. Usability
4.  Support
5. Cost

Quickbook is offered in the cloud.  The cloud technology means that users can get access to the Quickbook from anywhere as long as there is internet access. Multiple users can work on the same database from anywhere.  No need to install anything on the PC. only need internet explorer or any internet browser.
Quickbook also have Quickbook mobile Apps. This allows users to use their mobile to ccess their system.

Tally ERP 9 is a PC based software. This means that you need to be at the PC in the office in order to access the data. However you can remotely access the data from another PC by using PC remote access technology. However this is not the same as the cloud technology. Tally ERP 9 have extensive users n India.

OfficeCentral is a cloud based software. Just like the Quickbook, users can access from anywhere, anytime as long as users have internet access. Users can access via mobile or tablet. OfficeCentral also have a few mobile apps for staff, sales and outsourcing that users can use to get the best from the  system.

Quickbook release in India have a number of good features targeted to SMEs. Not all he features in the US are available in India. Nevertheless some good features are available in India like automatic bank transaction synchronization and scheduled invoices.  

Tally ERP 9 is the leading accounting software in India. They have created many features that suits the Indian market like the tax features and many business models. Tally ERP 9 is suitable for SMEs and large enterprises.

OfficeCentral is almost like Tally ERP 9 in terms of features. However OfficeCentral is targeted to SMEs. OfficeCentral have many features that are available in Quickbook and Tally ERP 9. Some of the features include Bank Reconciliation, Scheduled Invoices, Business Intelligence, Multi location accounting, unlimited chart of account and PERS reporting standard. OfficeCentral have extensive features in the Mobile Apps.

Quickbook is designed for people without having to employ own accountant. It is easy to use without having to know extensive accounting knowledge. Quickbook understands that most SMEs do not have accountant on the payroll. It is very intuitive.

Tally ERP 9 is designed for accountant. Those that do not have good accounting knowledge and not trained to use Tally ERP 9 will face a nightmare to use the software and trying to read the reports. However for companies that have trained accounting staff, Tally ERP 9 would be good to use. Many user comments on the difficult to use and only trained accountant are able to use the software. The technology is also an issue since it cannot maximise the use of latest cloud and mobile technology ease of use.

OfficeCentral is designed for entrepreneurs of the SMEs. It do not require accountant to operate the system since the design is such that any staff with minimal accounting knowledge can operate the system. Many Dashboards and Reports are provided for the entrepreneurs. Transactions are intuitively designed so that mistakes can be avoided.

Support network
Quickbook is a new entrant to the Indian market, They have established the support network called Quickbook Gold partners and Quickbook ProAdvisors to provide the support for their customers.

Tally ERP 9 have an extensive supplort network in India. Tally provides Tally Institute of learning, Tally Partners, Tally Service Partners, Tally Integrators and Tally Extenders. They have extensive service network in India.

OfficeCentral is a new entrant in India. OfficeCentral provides online support, website support, online e-Learning and e-mail support. The local support is not yet extensive. However user training and support  are provided in India by the company and dealers. 

The Quickbook online India have a good offer price of Rs3,000 per year now. This is very competitive since the target is the SMEs.

ERP 9 Silver can be purchase on line for Rs17,000.  Tally ERP 9 also have monthly rental rate of Rs600 per month.

OfficeCentral accounting is priced at Rs 750 per month. The annual cost comes to Rs9,000. online support, remote Support, software upgrade and on boarding support included.

The Verdict
Quickbook, Tally ERP 9 and OfficeCentral are very good software with good features. They are targeting different niches.
Quickbook is targeting SMEs entrepreneurs that do not have own accountant.
Tally ERP 9 is targeting enterprises that have their own trained professional accountants.
Tally ERP 9 also targeting large companies.
OfficeCentral is targeting SME entrepreneurs and small and medium size companies. The training requirements for staff is very short. Transactions and dashboards and reports helps a lot.
All three software will find their own niches and will serve the market well.

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