Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Role of Trainers and Customer Support in Software Company

Role of Trainers and Customer Support in Software company.
By now we have thousands of users and have trained and supported thousands of users.
This is what I told my trainers and support staff:
If you still have to train them how to use the software, then the software is not yet user friendly.
Our objective is to design a software such that users can use the software without having to go to user training.
Currently we have developed the support website, where all the questions that customers asked are answered. Customers like this. The website shows the method, the step by step instruction including screen shots or video on how to do things. This is good but not the ultimate target.

The ultimate target is to make training obsolete.
This is what trainers and customer support should do:
If users ask what to do when they start certain module, then he design is not friendly.
We should understand what is the question before they ask.
We should build wizards, step by step flow such that users will just follow the flow in order to accomplish what they want to do.
The help button should be designed to understand what the user is thinking and provide the help relevant to the page.
Many great companies have perfected this type of thinking. OfficeCentral must think along this line so that we can join the group of excellent software companies. It is not difficult. We have achieved much more than our competitors at this stage. Just another step, and we will be in a different class.


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