Tuesday, January 3, 2017

OfficeCentral is a Full Service Software

OfficeCentral is a Full Service Software.
In any business we have to decide what is the business type. Is it a full service company or is it bare bone company. Practically the question is are you Air Asia type or MAS type. Two different strategy and two different approaches.
Air Asia means cheap but minimum service. Any service like food, drink, luggage, best seat are additional cost.
MAS model means customers get full service without extra cost. Comfort, food, seats, luggage are all provided.
At OfficeCentral we found that Malaysian customers  expect the MAS type of service. Customer support must be personal. Coaching need to be done. Customer on boarding need to be provided.  Every questions must be answered fast. Every mistakes that they did must be sorted out fast.
Starting in 2017 we will design the whole operation of OfficeCentral under the full service strategy. We will provide premium service, fast and convenient. All requests will be handled fast by a trained team.
However this requires the price to be in line with the full service cost. We will update the price soon.
We already implemented this type of service for more than 12 months. I believe this is the right thing to do.

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