Monday, January 2, 2017

OfficeCentral as the base software for all industries and businesses

OfficeCentral as the base software for all industries and businesses
In the last five years we have built the OfficeCentral as the core application for enterprises. Every enterprises need accounting, human resource, payroll and customer relationship management. There are hundreds of  vertical businesses that need these base applications.
OfficeCentral will have one or two verticals  directly developed by OfficeCentral but for the hundreds of other verticals, we will work together with other software developers.
It takes a lot of time to develop the base software. For example if you are building hotel management system, it will take you 12 months to build the hotel software and another two years to build the base application like accounting, HR, payroll and CRM. It will take longer when you add the debugging times and oter improvements. By working with OfficeCentral, you can reduce your development time to one year or less. Your development cost will also reduce by more than 70%. On top of that you are getting  a software that is already used by te market, bugs cleared and refined by thousands of other users.
This is our strategy in 2017. Work together with other software companies. let them build their apps on top of OfficeCentral. Grow together with our partners. Shorten development time. Reduce cost of development. Get quality product.
In the last two years we have built a lot of APIs. It could be for accounting, HR, payroll, CRM or POS.  Now all software developers can connect to OfficeCentral to build their own application on top of OfficeCentral. Faster to market. Cheaper to develop. Less bugs to handle.

Contact us to get the various APIs that are required.


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