Friday, January 6, 2017

Demand Creation (Direct Sales Staff) Vs Demand fulfillment ( Distributors)

Demand Creation (Direct Sales Staff) Vs Demand fulfillment ( Distributors).
Many of my entrepreneur friends have been wondering what happen to their distributors. They sign up distributors but no sales come in.
This is a good problem to analyse.
Let start with your own sales people. They get leads, meet leads, talk about the product, create demand, get order.  The key is they CREATE DEMAND.
This seems simple to do but everyone of you who are in sales will know that this is tough work. Work work your heart out to get sales.
When you sign up the distributors, you expect them to work like your own sales people. It rarely happen. Distributors function as distributor. The fulfill demand. When there is demand, they will fulfill it. They will not create demand. Yet, when the orders are a lot, they will play a major role. Otherwise your sales person will be working on fulfilling demand, and your demand creation work will suffer.
The clue is to understand the role of each person.
Sales staff - CREATE DEMAND. Distributor - Fulfill Demand.
If you understand this then you will be OK.


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