Wednesday, January 25, 2017

New Entrepreneur - Why we need CRM for our business?

New Entrepreneur - Why we need CRM for our business?
I was also asked by new entrepreneurs why they need CRM for their business?
They are too busy building up business, do not want to waste time on CRM tools.
My answer:
1. When you start your business you will be very busy.
2. CRM is a sales tool.
3. You need to be efficient, fast, not wasting time.
4. You need a strong prospect and client database.
5. You need powerful and efficient system.
6. You should get your product detail, prices within seconds.
7. You should get your prospect detail, prices within seconds.
8. You should get your account detail, prices within seconds.
9. You should get your inventory detail, prices within seconds.
10. You should be able to provide quotation within seconds.
11. You should be able to provide invoice within seconds.
12. You should be able to provide receipt within seconds.
13. You should provide quotation, invoice, receipt  while travelling, using your phone.

14. You should have your meetings on the go. Update what is discussed immediately.
15. You should be able to get the whole history of your account and customers within seconds.

Basically CRM will help you to become more successful. The start up phase is crucial for your survival.
If you are totally inefficient and making too many mistakes, too many delays, you will fail.
No CRM, business will fail prematurely.
CRM is a must, not a luxury.

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